Mon Almanach (2021-)
Inspiration for this series came from my part time activity in a farm. Each artwork was made from rolls of hemp tissues woven by my great grand-mothers.
The «Motte» (clod) and «Mottes Monochrome» are inspired from plants cultivated by man. The «Sans Motte» (without clod) are referring to those plants we name "weeds", growing between the cultivated plants. We often don't know the name of those plants, but they also have their place in nature.

Catharsis (2020)
The curves of this earthenware objects remind the pockets from the series "Marche à l'étoile". This group is inspired from the catharsis. The names of the vases are un hungarian, they mean: «I have», «I want», «more» and «enough».
The four assembled vases represent a wave, which peak is «more». Their shape is a gradual deformation of perfect symmetry
Apesanteur (2020)
Polyptich inspired by the visual of The Melting Point painting.
A composition formed by six sheets of Fabriano cotton paper,  56 x 76 cm each.
For medium I used watercolor, charcoal and hemp (tissus and fibers)
Behind The Clouds (2019-2020)
In this serie I've been painting a truely imaginary and spiritual world. My intention is to invent never existing skyes and what is beyond the clouds. Thoses paintings are also lonked by their composition

Small formats inspired by The Melting Point painting
Marche à l’étoile (2019-2020)
A serie about the history of slavery on the American continent, composed of four multi-media boards.
White  (2017-2018)
This series has been created in opposition to the black serie but is still about cruelty to animals: lighter and more poetic, playing with light, transparency and composition
Black (2017-2018)
"A cluster of glowing Chinese lanterns shifting through the pitch black African night"- my vision which gave birth to the Black Series started here.
"Each lantern is representing a spirit of a poached rhinoceros..."
This serie started in 2017 when a rhinoceros called Vince was shot dead in a French zoo, close to Paris. I used an abstract approach to represent rhino heads with severed horns